Virtual Puppy Training

Virtual Puppy training is becoming a thing due to the worldwide covid-19 pandemic. I, as many of you, have been wondering if it is actually a good idea, whether virtual puppy training will work or not and how does it work? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t call myself particularly tech savvy and …

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Dealing with Dog Aggression

We have all encountered dog aggression at some point in our lives. Sometimes its just in their nature to not want to deal with other dogs and people. If you are an owner of one of these kinds of dogs and are wanting you try and encourage your dog to be more friendly this blog …

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How to read your dog’s body language

Dog body language isn’t quite as complicated as English, thank goodness! Dogs have learnt that using their bodies to communicated makes their intentions extremely clear. For humans understanding this form of body language takes some practicing but once we understand it, it makes our relationship with our 4-legged companions much easier. Dog body language can …

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leaving a puppy at home can be tough

How to Keep Your Puppy Busy

Keep a puppy busy can be a challenging task. what can be worse is finding your puppy destroying something it shouldn’t be. Puppies can find many things around the house that they aren’t allowed to chew on. It is your responsibility to give them things that they can chew on and restrict their movement around …

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Puppy training

Getting a New Puppy or Dog

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? Perhaps you think your kids would love a fun and friendly puppy to grow up with and share memories with. You have a great idea! I am here to guide you into putting your ideas into action, or maybe just getting a fish instead. Have you really …

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Toilet Training a Puppy

The Most Important part of toilet training is being consistent Toilet training is one task that is easier to teach over a short period of intensive training than it is over a longer period. Opportunity for going outside to toilet is the most important part of this training time schedule. The more often a dog …

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