How should you treat your dog?

It is fascinating that over the years the dog training industry has learned, acknowledged, and moved forward. The unfortunate part of it is that some trainers want to turn a blind eye to more recent studies and stick with outdated and backwards theories. And some, like modern day parents have gone to the complete opposite …

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How to read your dog’s body language

Canine body language isn’t quite as complicated as English, thank goodness! Dogs have learnt that using their bodies to communicated makes their intentions extremely clear. For humans understanding this form of body language takes some practicing but once we understand it, it makes our relationship with our 4-legged companions much easier. Canine body language can …

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Toilet Training a Puppy

The Most Important part of toilet training is being consistent Toilet training is one task that is easier to teach over a short period of intensive training than it is over a longer period. Opportunity for going outside to toilet is the most important part of this training time schedule. The more often a dog …

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