Jarred Hodgson

I am a passionate dog trainer born and raised in South Africa. HDDT K9 Services has been the realisation of this passion and it is growing exponentially! I absolutely love seeing a well trained dog and I work my hardest to help as many people as possible to bring out the best in their dogs:)

Purely Positive Reinforcement training VS Balanced Training

Purely Positive Reinforcement Training VS Balanced Training Purely Positive Training Balanced Dog Training Purely Positive dog training theoretically does not use any form of punishment to train a dog unlike balanced dog training which uses punishment as well as positive reinforcement, sounds perfect right? But what if a dog does something wrong? Purely positive trainers …

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How should you treat your dog?

It is fascinating that over the years the dog training industry has learned, acknowledged, and moved forward. The unfortunate part of it is that some trainers want to turn a blind eye to more recent studies and stick with outdated and backwards theories. And some, like modern day parents have gone to the complete opposite …

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Virtual Puppy Training

Virtual Puppy training is becoming a thing due to the worldwide covid-19 pandemic. I, as many of you, have been wondering if it is actually a good idea, whether virtual puppy training will work or not and how does it work? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t call myself particularly tech savvy and …

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Dealing with Dog Aggression

We have all encountered dog aggression at some point in our lives. Sometimes its just in their nature to not want to deal with other dogs and people. If you are an owner of one of these kinds of dogs and are wanting you try and encourage your dog to be more friendly this blog …

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How to read your dog’s body language

Canine body language isn’t quite as complicated as English, thank goodness! Dogs have learnt that using their bodies to communicated makes their intentions extremely clear. For humans understanding this form of body language takes some practicing but once we understand it, it makes our relationship with our 4-legged companions much easier. Canine body language can …

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