puppy training

Virtual Puppy Training

Virtual Puppy training is becoming a thing due to the worldwide covid-19 pandemic. I, as many of you, have been wondering if it is actually a good idea, whether virtual puppy training will work or not and how does it work? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t call myself particularly tech savvy and …

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Puppy training

Getting a New Puppy or Dog

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? Perhaps you think your kids would love a fun and friendly puppy to grow up with and share memories with. You have a great idea! I am here to guide you into putting your ideas into action, or maybe just getting a fish instead. Have you really …

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Toilet Training a Puppy

The Most Important part of toilet training is being consistent Toilet training is one task that is easier to teach over a short period of intensive training than it is over a longer period. Opportunity for going outside to toilet is the most important part of this training time schedule. The more often a dog …

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