The 5 Biggest Mistakes Puppy Owners Make

  1. They don’t give the dog enough exercise. Dogs of all breeds need exercise and working breeds even more so. If you got a dog to guard your house, the least you could do is exercise it by throwing a ball, taking it for a walk or letting it swim in a dam or pool.
  2. They don’t allow their dogs to check ‘Facebook’. Dogs are social creatures, if you keep a dog locked up in your yard all day, they will start to become frustrated and destructive. You should take your dog for a walk around outside to sniff and see what’s happening. Dogs can learn allot by the scents left behind from other dogs like their age, sex, social status, and more. Not allowing your dog out the yard is just mean and its like not being allowed to go on Facebook or read the paper.
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leaving a puppy at home can be tough

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This is for owner’s with puppies, specifically for puppies between 0-6 months of age. Any breed is welcome.

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Now for the puppy owners, your puppy is 0-6 months old and you want to get the chance to have your puppy trained in obedience guaranteed and completely free…. Read on.

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All you need to do is drop me your details and I will send you a series of awesome videos showing you exactly how to train your own puppy. These videos will include awesome fun tricks, how to get your puppy doing the perfect stay and more!


Why do we need well trained dogs?

Well here is a scenario

Have you ever been out for a walk or run and felt uneasy when dodgy people walk towards you? Do you cross over the road just to keep your distance from them?

We’ve all done it and most times it works. What will happen if they follow you though?

It is a scary but very real thought. Women in South Africa are not safe. It’s almost like you need a 24-hour bodyguard. You have kids, you have a home, you want to not worry about crime. You can’t stop worrying about it though, can you?

Now. just imagine you did actually have a bodyguard. The dodgy looking characters walking towards you would cross over the road to put distance between you. Your kids could play freely in the yard without you having to watch them like a hawk. Your home would have self-defence and you could quite literally go anywhere with backup and be fearless. Sounds good right? Well with a well-trained dog this is reality. I don’t worry where I walk, I sometime forget to lock the house when I go to bed. I don’t worry about crime when I have my dog with me. Sure, security companies can work but they don’t live with you, they take time to respond and time is precious in those situations. Your well-trained dog sleeps in your house, is with you as much as you need him and is forever loyal to your family. A well-trained dog is the best solution to prevent crime from affecting you and your family.

Now, click the button below and get in touch, can you really afford not to have a body guard in this country?

You may have started wondering how training your dog may benefit you.

K9 waiting obediently

What you should know about HDDT K9 Services.

  • Highly qualified. Level 3 dog training, Canine first aid, Scent dog handling, Canine nutrition, and Advanced canine body language.
  • Passionate, caring and professional.
  • We do not use any aversive methods to training dogs, we only use positive reinforcement training.
  • If you are still uncertain, give us a call and we can discuss any concerns you have.