The Adventure Dog Club

The Adventure dog club is based in the KZN Midlands. We are the first Adventure Dog Club in South Africa. We train dogs to be the best adventure companions you could ever ask for.

Just a short trip from Pietermaritzburg and Howick, our facility has a variety of training equipment. We also take dogs out to new places as much as possible to gain exposure to livestock and different environments.

The Adventure Dog Club aims to get dogs out with their humans to explore the magnificent country we live in. We train the dogs to be obedient on and off leash and the dogs are awarded badges for their level of competence.

BRONZE Badges are the beginner badges which indicate that the dog is good on leash and will not bark, lunge or pull at other dogs, people, livestock and wildlife.

SILVER is the next level up

GOLD Badges are the highest honour and show that the dog is controllable off leash in most situations. The dog recalls away from distractions, ignores livestock, people, dogs, and wildlife. It will not chase and will listen to all commands in a highly distracting environment.

An Adventure dog
Adventure dog

What The Adventure Dog Club does

The Adventure Dog Club trains and tests dogs and owners on a variety of situations.

We train the dogs to have a calm and controllable demeaner in most situations that you may encounter while out adventuring. This includes but is not limited to being calm around humans, dogs, livestock, wildlife and vehicles.

The dogs are expected to have good obedience levels and be attentive to their owners while in a distracting environment.

We train the dogs to not chase if an animals runs passed, and wait, stay and recall away from moving objects.

When we test the dogs for the Bronze, Silver and Gold badges we put them through their paces to ensure that our qualifications are only awarded to  deserving dogs and owners.

Looking to the Future

We are aiming to get a passport system up and running for our adventure dogs which would allow them to join their owners in nature reserves and parks. We hope to get private and public reserves on board and we are in talks with Ezimvelo and many private nature reserves in KZN.

We hope that our passport system will allow for dogs and their owners to access more of our country which has previously been off limits to our dogs.

We will be doing training classes at our facility in Merrivale(Please see the map).

Our testing system will be a fresh and exciting and an improvement on the current Canine Good Citizen awards that Kennel clubs do. We will incorporate some of the tests from them, add some new tests and take some outdate ones out.

We will be starting classes in the new year and hope to see you there!

If you are keen to get your dog out and about with you then don’t hesitate to contact us! Using the buttons alongside. We are excited to meet new people and pets and get out adventuring with you.

For training days, Test days or if you simply want to keep track of our progress and impact we are having on South Africa’s adventuring scene, follow us on Facebook!