About Us

Local and Internationally Experience

HDDT K9 Services has experienced and professional trainers. We are well educated in dog handling, canine body language, Search and Rescue and dog training. With Continued Professional Development a key factor in all we do. We are fast become the best dog trainer in KZN. 

We are the chosen dog trainers for royalty and olympic athletes! So, if the elite chose us, why shouldn’t you?

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K9 waiting obediently

Our Mission

We are passionate about dogs and wildlife. Training dogs to be perfect companions and educating people about correct training methods is what we are here
for. We aim be be the best dog trainers in KZN. We love dogs and they love us, so they deserve to have the best training and live happy lives as great companions.

We are also striving to help with conservation in Africa. We are passionate not only about wildlife but about the flora that surrounds them. We care for
all animals and working with dogs to help wild animals is the perfect combination.

We do as much as we can to help in conservation projects and in the future, we hope that we will be able to create our own wildlife charity. This will not be able to happen without your help. So please follow us on Facebook and support us as much as you can to keep African Flora and Fauna alive and kicking, because without us working together our wild heritage will be destroyed.

Sam and the future

Sam is our very own Belgian Malinois. He is our main salesman representing HDDT K9 Services, showing off his skills to anyone who wants his level of training. His ambition is to work as much as he can and we are constantly working on training to transform him into an elite K9. Sam is fast becoming a well known dog in the KZN Midlands! He is super friendly, has exceptional talent and is an all round great dog:)


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